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2024 April's Fools Hunt

Get ready to celebrate this April Fool's Day with us! .

Our April Fools Hunt promises a massive 50% discount for the first 100 lucky customers who can find the hidden code in this page. 

Using this code at checkout will give you half-off on your favorite items!


But remember, you need to be swift! 

The promotion is only valid on April 1st, 2024, until 11:59 PM EST

So, stay tuned, hunt down the code, and make the most of this opportunity.
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Randall Baker - April 3, 2024

I need 50% off 🙏 please

Jeffrey Pena - April 3, 2024


Felipe Trevino - April 2, 2024

I guess they are out i really wanted to get a S24 U atomic case but i cant afford a 50$ case right now so dang it man :/

Moses King - April 2, 2024


Unknown - April 1, 2024


Jasmine - April 1, 2024

Ok, so I’m back. I ordered mine around 8am but I was thinking by about yall and I know you are no “FOOL” . They got us out here doing this damn “HUNT” just for “50” percent off. Just put all the word in quotations together lol

James - April 1, 2024

I tried several codes with the intent to purchase. I may have been too late or wrong code. Sorry, no purchase.

Andres SEPULVEDA - April 1, 2024

Havent been able to get it can some help me with this code hunt?

Tammy Mullis - April 1, 2024

This was just great

Marvin Santiago - April 1, 2024


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