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Best Clear Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note smartphones are living up to their large screen, large price fulfillment. They just released the highly-anticipated Note 10 which boasts a 6.3-inch touchscreen display while having a slightly smaller handset. They also released the Note 10 Plus, which has a larger screen and equally eye-catching exterior hues. Users saw many of the same performance levels on the Note 10 as they saw on the 10 Plus.

Aside from the comfortable size, the S-Pen has to get an honorable mention. After all, it is one of the main features for the Note 10 design. Impressing smartphone users is what Samsung does best and the S-Pen is no short feat. If you think it’s only capable of being a doodling and writing instrument, here’s what an upgrade can do.

S-Pen - Stylus Magic

Did you know the pen got an upgrade just last year? Samsung amazed audiences with the enhancements. It has:

  • Bluetooth connectivity,
    • For smooth sound and listening control.
  • Remote control capabilities
    • Need to set your phone down, but want remote access? This feature allows you to do just that.
    • For instance, no more worrying about asking strangers to snap a picture for you. Simply set the phone down and use the pen to snap the shot or record a video.
  • Accelerometer, and
  • Gyroscope.
    • These improvements give the user a little more freedom with the pen. Expanded hand gestures mean you can swing or slide the pen for responsive actions.


      • Camera option controls are a prime example of the stylus’ enhancements. Using the stylus to control zooming actions, camera angles, flash, and more is part of the Note 10 appeal.
      • A surprise feature that many users were happy to find was the phone is capable of using multiple S-Pens without having to remove your pen. That’s convenient, to say the least.

The Aesthetics

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus has a gorgeous aura glow and aura glow variant, lending it a truly unique look. Aura glow is a mix of blue and white while the variant allows for the color scheme to change depending on the lighting environment you happen to be in. Other hues available are aura black and aura pink.

Even before the official release date, fans were fascinated with the front of the phone and its’ AMOLED display, full HD res, and HDR+ tech. Adding a stunning, seemingly artistic backing of color certainly made it more enticing.

Protect Your Handset - Get a Note 10 phone case!

All these benefits are exactly why finding the best Note 10 case of 2020 is a must. Ghostek offers an outstanding Covert series, a Note 10 clear case, perfect for showcasing the brilliance of the aura colors. It is built with reinforced shock-absorbing corners, a scratch-resistant backing, and a raised bezel. Say goodbye to screen cracks, noticeable scratches, and unsightly chips with the COVERT Note 10 slim case.

Samsung’s ultra-narrow design can make the smartphone feel fragile while you hold it. The anti-slip diamond grip is another reason why this Note 10 thin case is a great choice to safeguard your tech. It’s also capable of withstanding drops from up to two meters. Finally, you can expect top-of-the-line durability whether it slips out of your pocket or slides off the tabletop.

The Covert is one of the slimmest, easy-to-use smartphone covers around. In addition to the clear option, you can choose from two other great colors, smoke and rose.

For more information and great offers, don’t hesitate to stop by and see what people are saying!

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