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Best Wallet Case for Galaxy S23 Series

Galaxy S23 — EXEC

Let your new Samsung Galaxy S23 shine with the EXEC cover by GHOSTEK. With this cover, your phone will be well protected, easy to carry, and stylish. With its great features and top notch protection, your phone can stand out and give a stylish edge. 

Galaxy S23 Wallet case


Product Link: Samsung S23 EXEC


The Galaxy S23 EXEC case is an exceptionally well-made case with features such as a sturdy case, excellent grip, and heavy-duty shockproof resistance. It also has ultra reactive buttons with anti-slip grip. It is made for protection, convenience, and style, all put into one case. The best features are highlighted here.



The EXEC cover by GHOSTEK provides high-end protection for your phone from major drops or accidental falls through its R7x Shockproof Design. The possibility of dropping your phone is also addressed with a superior non-slip grip on the case.


Raised Edges

Not only that, but your screen and camera lenses are also well protected with the raised edges that surround them. If your Galaxy S23 falls on a hard surface, the raised bumper surrounding the screen will prevent it from coming in contact with the ground. It will be scratch free and safe. 

The camera lenses at the back are also protected in a similar manner where the lenses will be damage free even after taking the fall. Each of the borders of the camera lenses is surrounded by raised bumpers to keep it safe from any damage or cracks.



The EXEC phone cover is made with multiple layers for added protection and better advantage.  The combination of metal, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and Polycarbonate helps in the durability, lightweightedness, shockproof quality, and increases the impact resistance of the cover. 



The EXEC cover has a magnetic card holder that can hold up to 3 of your cards like transportation card, credit or debit card, or any other important business card. These make it extremely handy and a portable phone case where you can carry all your essentials in one go. The card holder is built with care and will provide complete protection to your cards and keep them secure.



A major improvement in the EXEC case is its ability to keep the phone secure despite attachments to other devices. It is compatible with the upcoming bike mounts and armband that will not let your phone fall or lose grip even at times of extreme activity. This can be of great advantage while using your phone during strenuous activities such as running, trekking, or biking. 



If there ever comes a time when your Galaxy S23 accidentally takes a fall even from a height, the R7x shockproof design prevents it from getting any damage or dents. It has been tested and tried out, as it can withstand a drop from 12 FT off the ground. 


MagnaLink Magnets 

Built into EXEC cases, are MagnaLink magnets that help support a collection of MagSafe accessories as well, hence enhancing the features of your phone. It also allows wireless charging where you can carry your phone anywhere without having to worry about taking its cable in every place that you visit. This is one of the features that makes it so convenient and portable as well. 

Some noteworthy features also include:

  • Shock proof corners surrounding the edges
  • Compatibility with Fingerprint unlock
  • Wireless Charging
  • Ultra Reactive buttons through the cover
  • Precise and Detailed cutouts
  • Survives a 12 feet drop
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Raised Bumper edges for added protection
  • Compatibility:
    • Samsung Galaxy S23
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The EXEC phone cover is available in three colors - Black, Pink, and Gray.

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