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Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus with Ultra-Thin Clear Case

Samsung has done it again and utterly impressed the tech-savvy community with its continued success of Galaxy S10 flagship smartphones. The entire line of mobile phones is equipped to deliver high-performance and a crystal clear viewing experience.

Two of the most recent releases, the S10 and S10 Plus, have users more than happy with their choices. Let us dive into the details of these models to gain a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

These smartphones are equipped with an ultrasonic reader which actually creates a 3D configuration of your fingerprint. It really brings accuracy and security to the next level.

The dynamic AMOLED technology used with the display screens includes tone mapping. This delivers a wider array of colors while simultaneously reducing blue light to decrease strain on the eyes.

Display Size

Both phones use wide quad HD+ display resolutions for excellent clarity. However, one of the main differences between the S10 and S10+ is the screen size. The Galaxy S10 is designed with a 6.1-inch display while the S10 Plus features a superb 6.5-inch screen.


These two flagship smartphones are equipped with powerful 855 Snapdragon Processors. Aside from different screen sizes, their operating platforms are equally impressive. With a reliable CPU and dynamic AMOLED extra-large display screen, finding S10 mobile cases that are just as remarkable will not be difficult.

There is a variety of prime selections to consider. Whether you need something fashionable, rugged, simple, or sleek, any of Ghostek’s products will definitely pique your interest.

Try the COVERT Series for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

Want to showcase your new smartphone to the world? Show it off by investing in a lightweight, transparent cover. The Covert 3 line has an ultra-thin design and is built for folks in need of an S10 clear case. A raised bezel provides extra screen protection while the diamond pattern delivers a trusted non-slip grip.

The immersive display screen warrants additional barriers. No one enjoys watching videos through noticeable cracks or scratches. Fortunately, it features military-grade reinforced shock-absorbing corners. This makes your device capable of withstanding drops from as high as two meters. Accidental drops will not seem so disastrous with this cover, which is also available as an S10 Plus clear case.

The clear color option remains popular, but the Covert 3 also comes in two other translucent choices - black and rose. Great for couples with the same model.

Positive Reviews

Satisfied customers mentioned how adorable the rose color is and could not believe how precise and snug the slim fit was. Not only did they love the fit, but they were also sold on the major durability factor. Many buyers exclaimed at how well the cover prevented damage. No matter how many times they might have dropped it, the flexible impact-absorbing corners delivered superior safety.

You will not have to worry about the quality or value of this product as most customers will highly recommend it. They were amazed by the accurate alignment of all the buttons and ports.

Enhanced Audio

Enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience by investing in some comfortable Ghostek headphones. Equipment includes Bluetooth speakers, wired, and wireless earbuds. Watch your favorite movies, shows, or videos without missing a beat.

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