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Why is Samsung S10 5G the Best Camera Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G was released in March of this year and continues to gain popularity. It has been deemed one of the best camera smartphones on the market. Thanks to DxOMark and their scoring system, the S10 5G scored high in the selfie and video recording categories.

The competitive nature of state-of-the-art camera phones is a tough niche to break into. However, smartphone fanatics were not surprised by the S10’s outstanding rear-quad camera setup. As part of the flagship S10 family of phones, users were amazed by the simple beauty and performance of it.

The Finer Details

The touchscreen is a 6.7-inch, HDR10+ certified AMOLED display. The crystal clear screen is great for watching some of your favorite stories and shows on Netflix or Youtube. Better yet, browse your online photo albums and compare them to the new pictures taken on the S10 5G. There will be noticeable differences between older photos taken from different cameras and pictures shot using this smartphone.

Curious about the key camera specifications that make the S10 5G a top-performing tool? It comes with 8GB of RAM and has either 256GB or 512GB of memory storage. No more worrying about getting an SD card or having to deal with a microSD card slot. It offers plenty of gallery space for photo albums and videos.

Camera Options

Its 12 MP primary camera combines a variable aperture lens, a wide-angle 16MP sensor, and a powerful telephoto sensor. In the photo category nine camera qualities were taken into account; exposure, color, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts, flash, zoom, and bokeh. The camera phone scored high in all groups. Exposure, flash, autofocus, and color performance carried the highest marks. From stunning landscape photos to gorgeous wildlife moments, this camera can capture it all.

Shooting Video

The quad-camera setup includes a dedicated Time of Flight (TOF) sensor to help with bokeh when recording video. When shooting, don’t be taken aback by the breathtaking 4K resolution of 30 frames-per-second. Easily record important events without missing any details. What many consumers loved about it were the ultra-stable, anti-shake recording capabilities and the superior autofocus. These are just some of the reasons why this smartphone scored so high on the stabilization, autofocus, and color scale.

What’s Next?

Have you already invested in this smartphone or do you intend on getting one soon? Protecting it should be first and foremost on your to-do list. The camera and video features alone are enough to warrant the best possible protective barrier. Ghostek has been meeting the high-expectations of idea-rich mobile phone users everywhere.

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